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“Immerse the mind, as much as possible, in the study.

Study frees from ignorance and favors

creature with discernment.

Study and work are the wings that facilitate

the evolution of being.

Knowledge is life message.

Not only in the schools you can study.

Life itself is an open book, which teaches

who want to learn.” – Joanna de Angelis

Lesson Plans

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Gospel at Home (Youth)

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Why Spiritist Education is important for the youth?

Learning and experiencing spirituality are important attributes in the children’s lives. It is not just about having the label of being a religious person and going to the “church” every Sunday – no, this is not about fitting in a social norm. This goes much beyond. This is about making a true connection with God, reflecting on inner transformation and making positive changes in life. Helping children to make that connection with spirituality is a gift for their entire existence. While we know that people share different views on how they can connect with God and their spirituality, Spiritism is one of the ways of facilitating that connection.

The fundamental ideas of Spiritism such as the existence of God, Immortality of the soul, Reincarnation, Plurality of the worlds, etc are important concepts to be shared with children. All these concepts bring us answers, helping us to better understand life from a spiritual point of view and find solutions for daily challenges. The principles of Spiritism teachings will play a fundamental role in the children’s future by supporting them in difficult moments; awakening their spiritual consciousness; connecting them with their own Divine essence; and increasing their faith in the future.

After many years working with children and teens at Nosso Lar Spiritist Society we learned that ideas of inner transformation with moral teachings are the foundation needed for them. The lessons are usually 1 hour long and we meet once a week. We are always surprised about how these “homeopathic” doses of Spiritism, love and human connection can positively affect children’s spiritual awakening. During the meetings they are absorbing everything they see, hear and feel. It is not about how much time we spend with them, but the quality of time. The spiritist youth classes are meant to be very special meetings, filled with meaning, emotional connection and fun, of course.

We follow Spiritism’s concepts as codified by Allan Kardec. We always attempt to best translate all that deep knowledge into the children’s universe and at their comprehension level. For this reason, we find creative ways of presenting Spiritism’s principles and ideas to the youth, so they can feel motivated to learn more about it. We differentiate our lessons to reflect cultural differences and also to adapt them to our small groups’ needs. As social-emotional learning must be a constant concern during our lessons, we encourage kids to be actively engaged in class by making positive connections with each other.

The main purpose of Nosso Lar Kids website is to share with other spiritist educators lessons and other materials related to the spiritist education for the youth. We want to keep talking to the youth about God, spirituality and moral values, even if this can only be done online at this moment.

As Amélia Rodrigues reminded us: “The child is a sowing season, the teen is a fertilized field, the adult is a harvest in production. The good harvest will depend on the quality of the seed.” We are focused now about planting good seeds of Spiritism knowledge in the children’s hearts. The practice of love-in-action, the understanding of a spiritual life and the eternal moral values will be planted in them. We know they will blossom at the right moment, during the children’s present life or later.


Nosso Lar Kids Team

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“The child is a sowing season, the teen is a fertilized field, the adult is a harvest in production. The good harvest will depend on the quality of the seed.”

Spirit Amélia Rodrigues, by Chico Xavier,
Message: Youth Spiritist Education, Urgent Challenge

The Child by Spirit Meimei
” The child is the day of tomorrow, asking us fraternal contest. 
Nascent plant – it is the tree of the future, which will produce, according to sowing aid. 
Blank book – it will then display what we record in the pages now. 
Starter light – will shine in the future, depending on the fuel that to offer him to the heart. 
Fragile boat – will cross the choppy ocean in the Earth, according to the resistance facilities with which to enrich the building. In the child’s soul resides the essence of peace or war, of happiness or misfortune for the days to come. 
Therefore, let us lead the childlike spirit to great understanding with Jesus we consecrate our lives to the most sublime experience of the world – the service of Humanity in the person of our similar, on the way to redemption always.”

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