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It was 2004 when we first formed the Spiritist Youth Education group of the Nosso Lar Spiritist Society (Northern California). There was no formal center: no white board, no tables, no shelves with books, nor crayons or colored papers. The study groups were held at the main room of a music school in Pleasanton (San Francisco Bay Area, California). The only available space for our children was a tiny room with an old sofa. Every Sunday, while kids sat on the sofa, a couple of Spiritist Educators (parents) took turns and sat on a small chair across them to talk about Spiritism. The talks went on and on about Jesus’ lessons, moral values, God, reincarnation, immortality of the soul, mediumship, and other aspects of Spiritism. The children’s own life experiences were always a part of the lessons (and still are).


Today, the Nosso Lar faces the challenge of teaching spiritist lessons online due to the pandemic. We hold two different classes of Children and Youth Spiritist Education based on age groups. Four committed volunteers make the work happen. So many years have passed and many “small children” are now leaving the teenager years behind and are headed off to college. Like butterflies breaking away from the chrysalis, our now-young-adults are beginning another “cycle” in their lives. So fast they “flew away” up in the sky and leave the NLSS and possibly their own homes.


As Spiritist educators we can say we had challenges and many enlightening moments. We are also the students who learn from the kids. Many times we ask ourselves: “Who is teaching whom here?”

Another point to consider is that having to prepare for the lessons helped us to keep studying, learning and growing spiritually.


As mothers, spiritist educators and volunteers of the Nosso Lar, we have decided to create this page to share our experience, and some of our lesson plans. Our intention is to help other spiritist volunteers and parents to initiate the work at their spiritist center where they belong. Also, we want to share with families ways on how they talk about Spiritism and moral values at home.


Please feel free to send us an email if you would like to obtain more support or simply to get connected and share experiences with us.


We hope you find this work as rewarding as we do!    


Nosso Lar Spiritist Society – Northern California, USA


Nosso Lar Kids Team 

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