Attitude in Life

We also incorporate into our lessons, topics related to important life skills and social-emotional skills that will help kids to reflect about their attitude towards challenges and how to overcome difficult moments in life.

Our program has a strong emphasis on the social-emocional aspect of learning. We constantly talk about emotions (anger, sadness, fear, happiness, frustration) but from a spiritual perspective considering the temporary aspect of material things, the immortality of the soul and the invisible protection (from spiritual guardians and God) that we receive.

We teach some of the Growth Mindset concepts, integrated with Spiritist concepts, so children can reflect on some skills that will not help them grow spiritually but also better interact with others and have a happier and fulfilled life.

We strongly believe that the spiritist lessons should be applied to the children’s reality and experiences in life and that’s why topics like Bullying, Peer Pressure, Drugs and Vices in general should be part of the program because they invite the children to reflect  on this topics from a spiritual perspective.

Main Topics: Flexibility, Responsibility, Acceptance, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Impulsiveness, Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Drugs, Alcohol and some of the Growth Mindset concepts.

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