Message to Educators

“Youth Spiritist Education is the Sun in souls, brightening the entire world under the constellations of the stars of Heaven, which are the Blessed of the Lord working in His name, for the urgent transformation of the Earth into “a world of regeneration and peace.”
Spirit Amélia Rodrigues, by Chico Xavier, 
Message: Youth Spiritist Education, Urgent Challenge

The idea of creating an online space to share materials for spiritist youth education was originated by a constant need of having these materials in English. There is a large number of materials and many websites available in Portuguese since the Spiritism religion is very well spread in Brazil; but not here in the USA yet. It was with that in mind that we thought about the creation of an online space just to share lesson plans and lesson materials.

As we have been dedicating so many years as youth educators here in the US, we have realized that we have been naturally collecting many materials over time, and we have decided to share them with other people.

All lesson plans and materials posted here on the website are in English – disseminating Spiritism in English is really our primary focus since our children are born (at least most of them) here and are more comfortable speaking English.

The lesson plans have been categorized 6 main areas which we believe are more relevant in the spiritist teachings for the youth:

  • Spirituality, 
  • Virtue, 
  • Attitude in Life, 
  • Jesus,
  • Caring, and 
  • Positive Vibes. 

We hope that these lessons will help you create your own lessons as well. Although you are welcome to use what you need from the site, we encourage you to create your own lessons by adapting and incorporating new ideas and activities according to your public’s needs. 

Keep studying Spiritism. Put kindness in everything you do. Children might not learn everything you say, but they will observe everything you do and will feel all love you share.

Good luck with this rewarding work with the kids!!


Nosso Lar Spiritist Society – Nosso Lar Kids

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